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​Acing the Monochromatic Look: A Few Tips

Aug 17th 2023

Acing the Monochromatic Look: A Few Tips

There are days when you are out of ideas to put together a stylish ensemble. So, you let the easy-to-pull black monochromatic look come to your rescue. A pair of black pants, a black boat neck modal top, black block heels, and you are out the door looking ravishing. But there is so much more experimenting you can do with your monochromatic palette! Do it right, and your monochromatic ensembles will look just as show-stopping as a statement jacket or a patterned dress.

It may get a little tricky when you pick up the brighter hues or light neutrals. We have a few tips for you to style your monochromatic outfits like a pro.

Pick Colors That Complement Your Skin Tone

To master monochromatic style, you must choose colors that look great against your hair and skin tone. For instance, those with blonde hair and a very fair complexion should consider navy blue rather than jet-black. Colors like burgundy will look spectacular on those with dark hair and tanned skin.

Dark neutrals like navy, brown, gray, and black are good starting points for beginners. When you feel a little experimental, you can opt for richer monochromatic colors like hunter green and burgundy.

The summer is here, and you probably want to add a couple more comfy and elegant modal tops to your selection. Pick colors that will help you build a fine monochromatic palette.

Mix Some Textures

If you think a monochromatic look is boring or one-dimensional, you have not been mixing textures. It allows you to add depth while enhancing the visual appeal of your ensemble. To give you an example, if you have picked up a gray skirt, you can pair it with a sleek turtleneck gray top with a slightly darker tone. Some texture combinations for you to try are silk and suede, chiffon and denim, cotton and leather.

Don’t forget your shoes while playing with textures. They add a lot of interest to your outfit. With the gray skirt and top, you can adorn silver metallic heels.

Accentuate Right Areas with Right Shades

When flaunting the monochromatic look, you are adorning the same color in different shades and tints. You need to carefully choose the tone of each piece as colors play a significant role in accentuating your look and highlighting the areas of your body that you want.

So, if you have wide hips and wish to take away focus from them, you may want to avoid light-colored skirts or pants. A darker shade bottom will look more flattering. Wear it with a lighter tint top. Think lighter blue shirt and dark navy pants. If you want to add more definition to your outfit, adorn a belt.

Keep these tips in mind, and you will look fashion police-approved in your monochromatic outfits!

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